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Are your books a series?

Loosely. All my stories are set in the same universe, but they are written as stand-alone books. My intention is that the characters are interconnected and will show up as side characters in each other’s stories, but you can read my books in any order, or skip some, and still understand each story just fine. I personally like the layers that interconnected stories give, but I want people to be able to jump in with any book.

What kind of Fantasy Romance do you write?

I write both secondary-world and portal fantasy, but it’s all set in the same universe. It just depends on which POV the story is being told from, because not all races are able to access the portals.

What “steam level” is the content in your books?

I consider my books to be mid-level steam for the Romance genre. They contain open-door love scenes, but nothing I would personally consider to be Erotica.

Will any of your books make me cry?

I don’t think so. Green-Eyed Monster is very light-hearted and fluffy. I can’t think of anything from Leviathan’s Song that would make me cry, and I’m an easy crier.

Do your books contain any cursing?

Yes, some.

Will Sidney get her own book?

Magpies & Mayhem will feature Sidney and is currently being written.

Please tell me Grim will get his own book!


If your characters feel one way about something, does that mean you feel that way too?

Nope. My characters feel all kinds of ways about all kinds of things, and I don’t necessarily agree with any of them. They frequently frustrate me with their inability to see reason, and I don’t always know what they’re going to say or do until it’s coming out of my fingertips onto the page.

Why did your character say one thing, but then something happened that contradicted it?

Because sometimes they’re wrong. None of my characters are ‘reliable narrators’, and nothing they say or think should be taken as ‘Word of God’. Sometimes you’ll need to read between the lines a bit. <3

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition that causes loss of pigment in skin and sometimes hair cells. It’s often caused by heredity or a disorder of the immune system (auto-immune condition). People with vitiligo may be at increased risk for social or psychological distress, sunburn, eye problems, or hearing loss. You can find out more information at Mayo Clinic.